Mijn tweets uit maart 2012 opnieuw bekeken #OTOB

Het waren er 193, meest interessante en (nu nog) relevante onder elkaar:

Spoiler: the best traders were the most connected, and people who carried on more IM conversations and sent more messages also made more money.

Zie www.afm.nl/cg voor hoe AFM met Nudges etc omgaat:

En in deze bewering van Lamme kan ik me niet vinden (artikellink werkt niet meer), volgens mij was dat nooit speerpunt.

Ook in 2012 hadden veel AOW’ers het niet slecht


To some extent still true:

do you remember those talks about behavioural economics that infected the market research industry in 2009? Someone had read Nudge, and someone else got a copy of Predictably Irrational. It’s quite easy to write a behavioural economics talk – you just claim that everyone else in the world thinks people are irrational, but you have spotted (with the help of Daniel Kahneman perhaps) that they’re not. Read out a list of cognitive biases – anchoring, hyperbolic discounting, social norms. Show some slides with illustrated examples of each bias. If you’re brave, test one of them on your audience and hope they haven’t yet been to enough identical talks to see through your ultimatum game or your auction. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else.

Haldane van BoE is inderdaad top (oa Dog and frisbee maar ook Complexity theory and financial regulation in Science)

Eigen risico in de zorg, ook nog steeds actueel

En humor:


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